BBC: The myth of journalistic detachment

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From Media Lens

As a BBC journalist wrote to us yesterday:

“… the ‘insider knowledge essential’ line trotted out by journos as a means of evading criticism really is, to my mind at least, BS of the highest order. For so many reasons, but above all it reeks of hubris. Their work ain’t the stuff of open heart surgery, but listening to some hacks you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise.”

Another good example of high-order media BS on today’s BBC website:

“When covering disasters, reporters can face the ethical question of whether they should help, or remain detached. When is it right for a journalist to help a weak and possibly dying baby”

“That evening I was elated. In all that misery and heat and exhaustion, I felt boosted by the thought I had helped someone, perhaps even played a part in saving a life. It eased my sense of guilt and helplessness…

“In some ways, that is wonderful. But it also made me feel very uncomfortable.

“I see my job as to bear witness in a tragedy and to report – but not to interfere. I had urged that doctor to treat baby Samina.”


John Pilger covered this “neutral” issue majestically in 2008 :


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