Contraversial Videos from Costa Gavras’ son

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Son of Costa-Gavras happy to be picking up hate around the world for his controversial pop promos.

Romain Gavras smokes Marlboro Reds and swears like a trooper. Other than that, bad-boy attributes are in pretty short supply. He is early for his meeting with the Guardian, nurses just the one pint throughout and wears deck shoes. And, really, how bad can a man wearing deck shoes possibly be?

Judging by his reputation on YouTube alone, pretty bad. Gavras might cringe at his “controversial video director” qualifier – “If I wanted to be controversial, I would have Nazis raping children or something,” he squirms – but just look up his video for Justice’s track Stress. Set in rundown estates on the outskirts of Gavras’s native Paris, it features a gang of teenagers vandalising subways, harassing women, stealing from tourists, torching a car and beating up a cameraman. Viewed 2m times in the first three weeks it was online in 2008, printable comments to date include, “This video fills me with hate”, and, “It looks like something a 12-year-old would think up”.

The Clockwork Orange-ish clip touched a nerve in post-riots France, with Gavras vilified as nihilistic. “It’s above all an absence of point of view that remains,” remarked Libération. “It made the cover of Le Monde, the news,” adds Gavras. “Lefties were saying, ‘He’s a racist’, rightwing people were saying, ‘He’s an anarchist.’ When you’re hated by everyone, in the end it’s that you succeed in something.”


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September 28, 2010 at 16:07

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